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Meet with your local Conservation Officer to confirm your Nunavut Residency

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What is the Nunavut Online Hunter Education Course?

The Nunavut Online Hunter Education Course is a voluntary, self-study program designed to help educate new or inexperienced hunters. It is not meant to replace traditional, hands-on knowledge learned from elders or mentors.

Whenever possible, you should always find experienced hunters in your community to learn from and hunt with.

How do I complete the course?

Create a login profile with a username and password.

Take the modules and complete the quizzes at your own pace.

When you are finished all of the modules and quizzes, you will get a completion voucher.

Take the completion voucher to your local Conservation Officer, where she/he will verify your Nunavut Residency and sign your voucher.

Who can take the Hunter Education Course?

This course is open to the general public, however only Nunavut Residents will be able to get their completion voucher signed by a Conservation Officer.

Approved by the Government of Nunavut, as well as over 30 other agencies.

HUNTERcourse.com is trusted by wildlife agencies across North America to deliver the highest level of hunter education. Our courses consistently receive the highest level of approval from agencies and from hunters.

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