Exemptions to Hunter Education Requirement

You are not required to take a hunter education course if:

  • You are a first-time hunting license buyer who is supervised by a certified and licensed hunter;
  • You are an APOST-certified law enforcement officer employed in the state;
  • You are U.S. Military personnel on active duty; or
  • You are an Alabama resident and active member of the U.S. National Guard.

New Hunter Education Internet Course Procedures in Alabama

After September 1, 2013, you will be able to take your entire Alabama Hunter Education Course online. You will not need to take a field day after your course. When you have successfully completed and passed the course, you will be given your AL Hunter Education Number and be able to print your Official Alabama Hunter Education Certificate.

Alabama Hunting License Requirements

All Alabama Residents under the age of 65 and all non-residents must have a valid hunting license in order to hunt in Alabama. The Division of Wildlife & Freshwater Fisheries offers a variety of hunting licenses depending on the game you wish to hunt. License fees vary according to residency, age, and the type of license. Hunting licenses expire annually on August 31st.

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Hunter Orange Requirement

All hunters during gun deer season must wear a vest or cap with at least 144 square inches of solid Hunter Orange, visible from all sides. Deer hunters in tree stands elevated more than 12 feet from the ground need not wear Hunter Orange, except when traveling to and from tree stands. Only Hunter Orange, Blaze Orange or Ten Mile cloth is legal. (Exception: waterfowl, turkey and dove hunters and those hunting legally designated species during legal night time hours.)

Important Note

For a more complete listing of Alabama's hunting laws, Alabama hunting regulations, or hunter education requirements, please consult the Alabama Hunting and Trapping Regulations Handbook, available directly from the Division of Wildlife & Freshwater Fisheries, or on their website at www.outdooralabama.com.