How to Book your Nevada Hunter Education Certification Course (10 and Under)

Once you have completed the online portion of your Youth Hunter Education Course you must attend the Hunter Education Certification Class in order to finalize training, pass your final written exam, and get your Nevada Hunter Safety Education Certificate.

The Hunter Safety Education Certification Class will consist of a number of different hands-on activities and a written final exam. The class is expected to last about 8 hours and is conducted by a NDOW-certified instructor. As you participate in the class, please remember to follow all the rules of hunting safety and firearm safety.

To locate and sign up for a Hunter Safety Class in your area, go to the Nevada Department of Wildlife website at You will not be admitted to the course without a valid Online Course Completion Confirmation.

In order to obtain the Nevada Hunter Education Certificate, you must pass both the online AND Classroom portions of the Hunter Education Course.

Online-Only Certification for students 11 years of age and older

Once you have completed the entire online-only course process, which includes passing all chapter quizzes and the final exam, you’ll be required to make payment to access your Nevada Student Card.

After payment, you will be able to print out your Certificate of Completion.